Life Goes On

I seem to go through these phases in the blogosphere where I forget this exists, haha.

The last 6 months have been both so long and a whirlwind at the same time. Piper went to the doctor last week and she weighs 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. At birth she was 6lb 10 oz and 19 inches. She’s eating a lot of solid food now, and I’ve found that I’m not really following any guidelines- I’m just going with her flow. She’s partial to fruit, as I’m sure most babies are, but she also likes peas, carrots, avocado, and sweet potato. I try and give her a mix of pureed food (baby oatmeal, applesauce, and the organic baby food pouches from the store- so so much easier for daycare) and some stuff that she has to chew. She enjoys the gerber puffs, baby mum mum rice wafers, french fries (haha), pear, banana, blueberries, I tried raspberries but I think they are too sour. She enjoys feeding herself already, so finger foods are great.

She still doesn’t sleep through the night, but its getting better. I put her to bed between 6:30-7 and she will stay in bed until 6ish the next morning. I feed her around 9 when we go to bed, and then she’ll wake 2x after that. Most of the time she goes right back to sleep. I’m starting to try and wean the night feeds though, so this whole week I’ve only been giving her 3 oz when she wakes instead of 4. Next week I’ll go down to 2 and so on. It’s my hope that she stops needing to eat and sleeps all night. Then we can start transitioning her to her own bed, in her own room. I’m hoping to avoid CIO because it bothers me, but we’ll see how it goes. Again, not really subscribing to any philosophy, just seeing what works!

Overall Piper is pretty awesome, she has a sunny, bright personality that I hope she keeps throughout her life. She is always, always happy. The cats have become her new fascination, and they’ve been good with it. Delilah keeps her distance for the most part, but Reggie will plop himself down near her. She pulled his tail the other day, and I saw him dig his claws into the couch, but he didn’t move. I think they understand, either way I’m glad that neither one has lashed out. I think she’s going to skip crawling altogether; she’s pretty good at getting around by wiggling and rolling- but who knows.

In other news, we bought at house at the end of September so we’ve been in it for a month now. It was a long, frustrating process but in the end we have about 1000 square feet of house, almost 12 acres, and a 2 car garage. Plenty of room for Gabe to do all of the things he has been wanting to do for years- he set up his tools in the garage and that keeps him busy on weekends. We’re lucky enough to have almost unlimited access to firewood, so we are heating with wood but have oil as a backup. The stove is in the basement, and so far seems to keep the house pretty warm. The real test will be when it is consistently below 0, but I’m in denial about winter.

I need to get myself and the wee one ready for the day! Suffice to say though, things are good 🙂



I’m 33 weeks, have shingles (ugh), and am uncomfortable.

Pregnancy Survey

About You
Name?: Trista
Age?: 28
Height?: 5’1″
Pre-pregnancy weight?: 127
About The Father
Name?: Gabe
Age?: 27
Height?: 6’1″
Are you still together?: Yes
About Your Pregnancy
Is this your first pregnancy?: No.
When did you find out you were pregnant?: August 10th-ish
Was it planned?: Not planned, but not prevented
What was your first reaction?: I already knew, so I was happy to have it confirmed 🙂
Who was with you when you found out?: Gabe.. well, he was still in bed.
Who was the first person you told?: Gabe
How did your parents react?: Everyone was happy for us
How far along are you?: 33 weeks
What was your first symptom?: Sore boobs
What is your due date?: April 24
Do you know the sex of the baby?: yes
If so, what is it?: A girl
Have you picked out names?: She has a name, but we are (trying) to keep it a secret
If so, what are they?: ^^^
How much weight have you gained?: 20ish pounds
Do you have stretch marks?: No! Keeping my fingers crossed!
Have you felt the baby move?: All the time
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yep

About the birth
Will you keep the baby?:That’s the plan
Home or hospital birth?: Birth center (but its in the hospital)
Natural or medicated birth?: The plan is natural, but we’ll see how it goes
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: Just Gabe (and the midwife on call)
Will you breastfeed?: I’m hoping to be able to
Do you think you’ll need a c-section?: I hope not.
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?: That is a distinct possibility
What’s the first thing you might say to him/her?: I don’t know..
Would you let someone videotape the birth?: HELL NO.
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?: I’m excited. Trying to go into it with a positive outlook.

Closing in.

Tomorrow I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant, with 70 days left until my due date. That’s 10 weeks. 10 weeks! I suddenly feel unprepared. Gabe and I have not bought ANYTHING yet, I’m waiting until after the shower (which is still a month away) but I kind of feel like I did at Christmas- that Holy crap time is running out and I’m not ready feeling. I’m not sure anyone is ever “ready” for a baby but it would be nice to feel sort of ready for her. The pack and play and mattress came yesterday courtesy of Jan and, so at least she has someplace to sleep and a handful of clothing items!

Things I would like to do before she comes:

– a haircut, I’m in desperate need. Actually, a whole once over would be nice; haircut, mani, pedi, and a brow wax since once she comes who knows WHEN I’ll ever have time to do those things again. (For awhile anyway)

– Gabe thinks its unnecessary but I would like to buy some of her clothes, I know we are expecting lots of hand me downs (aunt and a friend both have babies right around 6 mos- both girls), but I feel like part of being the mama is at least picking out the outfit she comes home in!

– Reorganize the bedroom, and made space for her crib, clothing storage, etc. PLus, maybe.. clean the whole house.

-Part of me feels like every time we go to BJs I should buy a box of diapers. I haven’t yet, but I did upgrade Gabe’s Amazon Prime to include Amazon mom (hello diapers at my door the next day).

All in all I feel pretty good, I’m definitely tired at the end of the day though. I scored an 80 on my diabetes screening, midwife said that is perfect, but my iron is low so now I get to take a fun (not) iron supplement every day. Baby girl is still head down, as evidenced by the constant pressure of her feet in my right lung/rib cage. I told Gabe last night that as frustrating as it is to have her there, its reassuring because I know she hasn’t flipped- and she’s probably too big to do that now anyway. We visit the birthing center 2 weeks from today, and I’m meeting with a lactation consultant in mid-March.

I’ve started mentioning to people that we would like to be alone with her for the first week, which so far hasn’t met with any resistance. We’ll see though, I could be one of those women who goes into labor and starts screaming for my mother. She will be on standby just in case she said.

Reflecting on Family

Gabe and I went away this weekend; I suppose you could call it a “babymoon” if you want, but I find that word (along with others, see “baby daddy”) to be..idk, whatever. Anyway, it gave us a chance to relax and unwind without all of the usual at home interruptions. Which lead to a lot of thinking on my part, both about our marriage and the upcoming addition to our family.

I heard on the news on Friday that the actress that played the oldest sister on Full House wrote a book about her marriage, and that a big part of its success is how she is “submissive” (in the biblical sense, not the BDSM sense) to her husband. I thought about it, talked about it with Gabe over breakfast yesterday, and I can relate. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong woman. I make my own decisions, I run our finances, and I am by no means unequal in this house. However, I do take his opinion over mine sometimes. I let his happiness and his strong opinions take precedence over mine. This sort of goes hand in hand with an article that was floating around on Facebook about how marriage is not for you. The jist of it is that marriage is not for YOU, but your spouse- you should spend your time and energy ensuring that your spouse is happy and they you etc. I think that’s a little extreme, but everything in moderation- and we spend a fair amount of time thinking about what we do that might make the other one happy. Perfect example- I was making my lunch Friday morning when I noticed that Gabe had made his sandwich with the end pieces, and left me the two remaining middle pieces. He doesn’t mind making his sandwiches on those pieces, but he knows I don’t like them. I always give him first shot at the dinner leftovers, and I usually pick him up something at the grocery store that he wouldn’t normally get for himself (today candy, sometimes a 22oz craft beer that his likes, etc).

I want our relationship to be a good model for our daughter. I want her to see how a man should treat a woman, and how she should respect him. Our relationship embodies a lot of traditional outlooks on marriage and family. Gabe is the primary breadwinner, I do most of the cleaning and running of the household- but we also share in a lot of the things that have to be accomplished. We make big decisions together, after a lot of discussion. I come from a traditional family, and so does he (in most respects) and that is the type of situation we want for our child. I think a lot of kids today are lacking values and morals, and those are things that start at home.

I rambling, and its time for supper!!

Holiday Crunch Time

It dawned on me at work yesterday that we leave for NY in a WEEK and I have like.. nothing done for Christmas. And then of course this weekend we have this snowstorm looming so I had to do LOTS of shopping today. Luckily I was able to accomplish about 85% of what I set out to do, so I’ll take it!

On top of my work schedule this week I also have a dr appt Wednesday, my work Christmas party- also on Wednesday, and I have to bake cookies, make pretzel bark, wrap presents, pack.. oh and continue taking care of the ponies. I’m calling it my second job these days since I am the only one taking care of them. Long story short, Ted (landlord) broke his leg in two places last Tuesday, so since then Nancy (his wife) has relegated all barn duties to me. The upside is that it will take a massive chunk out of our January rent, the downside is that it totally bookends my day, and I can’t do anything before or after work.

I feel bad because part of me is seriously not looking forward to part of this trip. I feel like being pregnant has turned me into “community property” and I’m tired of people asking me questions, and giving me their unwanted advice. I’m also feeling annoyed at certain people’s insinuation that they will be deeply involved in the life of the person inside of me. I understand that it “takes a village” but I want to do things a certain way, and I don’t want to justify those things or be ignored. My hope is that when the time comes Gabe will say the things that he needs to say so that our wishes are understood and I am not undermined. Can’t help but worry about it some right now though.



Building The Registry

Here and there I’ve been adding items to an Amazon registry list.. and I will add those items to Target and Babies R Us eventually. But… is there a polite way of saying “Please don’t buy…”

For example, anything pink John Deere: this is specifically directed at my great aunt, who seems to think that even though I am carrying a girl she will “just love tractors the way Noah does”.  No, she probably won’t since she won’t be living on the farm and see her Papa driving one every day like Noah does.

My MIL asked about the cloth diaper thing again because her sister’s son had a baby a year ago and that’s what they do. I’ve decided to forgo baby wipes, but I don’t have any interest in cloth diapers. Look, I’m totally down with making our own baby food, recycling and all of the other “earthy-crunchy” stuff Gabe and I are into. However, I’m not THAT earthy-crunchy so all of those stereotypes do not apply to me damnit. We have friends who had a baby and the only pacifiers they bought for her are made of some all natural rubber from India. Yeah..not doing that either, I’ll buy the Nuk ones at the grocery store TYVM.

Conclusion for today is that it was a long Monday and I hate people. Just let me do things my way and you do things your way, FFS who cares what choices I make for MY baby!? Oh, that’s right- EVERYBODY has an opinion. If you need me I’ll be in my bed watching CSI.


Time is Marching on…

We had our first “Centering” appointment last night, this group sessions take the place of a regular monthly visit and it went really well. In the beginning of the session everyone stops to have weight and blood pressure, then sees a midwife to check fundal height and the heartbeat. Last night was the first time Gabe got to hear the heartbeat. I wish the midwife hadn’t been standing in front of him so I could see his face, but he said it was pretty cool.

I have spent the last week or so agonizing over everything that could possibly be wrong because I’m not always sure if what I think I’m feeling is the baby or not (it is) but hearing the heartbeat is so reassuring. I think I’m going to buy a stethoscope so we can listen at home 🙂 Today I’m scheduling our fetal scan ultrasound, so hopefully (*fingers crossed*) baby is cooperative and we can find out if its a boy or girl.

Things have definitely improved now that I’m well into the second trimester. Sometimes I still have trouble brushing my teeth, I’ve learned that if I wait awhile after eating breakfast its not so bad. I also realized last week that I can eat veggies again; I was on my way to work thinking about what to pick up for lunch and decided that I wanted a salad.. so I picked one up and I didn’t feel icky after eating it! I’m still prefering sweeter things (fruit, cookies, etc) over the salty- can’t tell you how long its been since I’ve eaten a potato chip- but its also nice to once again have a diet that consists of more than water and bland pasta. The huge thing about this is that I’m feeling great for Thanksgiving!!